A rare breed, a true Native Floridian, whose family has lived out in more rural parts of the state for many generations and continues to do so. Known to be very self-sufficient by growing or hunting their own food and building their own homes. Not at all like what most people nowadays picture as a Floridian. A Florida Cracker is a true Southerner.

01 Dec 12 Washington State his the pot head wall?

I am going to have to wait and see, but knowing how “the gov” operates.. I suspect the pot heads that voted in legalized Pot in Washington state will find the following..

Before today: An ounce of pot costs you a misdemeanor

After today: An ounce of pot costs you two years in Jail for “tax evasion”

I already hear the reports.. Legalizing POT will MAKE the state of Washington X millions a year.  Can’t wait to see them “experience” the liberal gov that they probably wanted in all other aspects of their lives.  Can’t wait for them to learn.

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