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25 Nov 11 WUPHF

So funny… a running skit on “The Office” is the business idea of Ryan, the intern on the show .. he calls it “Woof”

If you dont know Ryan, he started out as an intern for the paper company and created the company web site. Because of this, he got promoted to VP of all of sales — where he had the live salesmen all entire their sales on the web site “to show it worked” but really to justify its expense and credit the sales to the site instead of the people.. Many people in many companies can attest that their web site team somehow became the power control of their company (or the IT department)

Ryan fell from grace when the “social media” section of the company website.. the part that allowed people that used paper to get together and chat and connect with others, was hikacked by child porn distribution network and he was sent back to “the office” and given a closet for his new “space”

Not be be put down by the popping of his own DOT-COM bubble, he came up with WUPHF (WOOF) Idea..

See it in action here:

Here is a fake web site about it. (its real, look at it, just dont invest!)

Here’s my parallel

So as part of getting “competitive phone rates” for our house phone — I have found myself heading in the direction of having “WUPHF” (pronounces WOOF). Perhaps its by accident, perhaps I’m doing it in honor of Ryan’s Wuphf idea..

Here’s the story.

First, we used to have a very popular phone.. it rang all the time with Mrs Cracker and I being active with school and community things… Now that the kids are gone and with cell phones the number is pretty much just getting spam calls. However, we hate to lose the number so I have tried to find the cheapest way to keep it.

Last month the cheapest was Vonage.. $25 a month. Its connected to the cable modem…. However now I have found that Magic Jack has a $20 a year deal and I can transfer the number to it for a small charge. So $25 a month when to $20 for the year.

Sad for people around me that can’t stand high tech (aka Mrs Cracker) it also has the ability to “multi ring” — I have the iphone and the ipad both getting the same calls and while the phone number is being transfered the old vonage phone rings once too.. So that’s 8 things that ring at slightly different times for the same call. Oh the new phone also tries to read the caller ID so that WOOF is included too.

So ….


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