A rare breed, a true Native Floridian, whose family has lived out in more rural parts of the state for many generations and continues to do so. Known to be very self-sufficient by growing or hunting their own food and building their own homes. Not at all like what most people nowadays picture as a Floridian. A Florida Cracker is a true Southerner.

21 May 12 SCOTUS REWRITES Obama care.

Today the Supreme Court will discuss what PARTS of a law they like and what parts they dont like. Ok maybe its what parts are unconsititional. But if they can change the words of their job, I can change the description of their job too… I’ll have to research and find out when they decided laws were too long to “just reword them like we like”

Now I understand why people are trying to get the 10 commandments OUT of federal building. Its the RISK that the SCOTUS might change just a few words of each.. Like this:

1. Thou shalt have other gods before me (Obama?)
2. Thou shalt make unto theyself graven image(s) (Congress?)
3. Thou shalt take the lord’s name in vain (Wright: God Damn America)
4. The sabbath, keep it (for football I guess)
5. Thou shalt skip having a father, thou only need a mother and a governement to support you for your liberal vote.
6. Thou shalt kill. (liberals HAVE THIS DOWN COLD)
7. Thou shalt commit Adultery (that one’s my fav!)
8. That shalt steal (explains MOST of liberalism)
9. THout shalt bear false witness (Trayvon’s law)
10. Thou shalt coven they neigbhour’s house (and senate — we only want to REDISTRUBUTE the wealth)

17 May 12 Ineptocracy

A system of Government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

03 May 12 Who OWNS you?

Its been said, if you need to know who’s in charge between you and your spouse… When you go to be and get up to turn out the light… When you get to the light switch.. look back on the bed for the answer…. If you want to know who RULES over you in society… Watch any medicine comerical where they spend 90% of their time telling you about the side effects.. Then watch a lawyer commerical and see how much fine print they put up for a microsecond.