A rare breed, a true Native Floridian, whose family has lived out in more rural parts of the state for many generations and continues to do so. Known to be very self-sufficient by growing or hunting their own food and building their own homes. Not at all like what most people nowadays picture as a Floridian. A Florida Cracker is a true Southerner.

31 Dec 11 Fedhead

I watch and listen to liberals all the time.  What I always find amazing is how they are unable to see what is happening in DC.

For example, they can’t understand that 16trillion in debt is bad.  They can’t understand that it was Bush’s LIBERAL policies that caused his debt along with a lot of help from liberals in Congress trying to change medical insurance for the 30th time, trying to make everybody able to get a mortgage even when its clear it will kill them finanically.

Another thing that is also clear.  DC politicians need us poor.  Poor people vote democrat.  Anything they do to make someone NOT poor means they loose a voter, anything they do to make someone poor means they get a vote.  Liberals can’t see this, they either refuse or dont have the capacity, or are just liars.. any and all of these are probably true.

The most amazing lie from the left “Jesus was a liberal” — really…. they say this, and they like to hide behind it.  What governement did Jesus want to grow?  Rome?  Oh My God, they can’t even see how stupid they are.

But is it just poor education or just simple lack of ability to think?   To answer that question I had to look for similarities in the animal kingdom.  It didnt take me long to realize.

Liberals are stuck on FED.   Its like a drug.  Its worse than crack,  its MUCH harder to get off of than crack.   It harms the society much worse than crack because liberal voters can vote you onto federal-crack.   Its their goal, they can’t be happy until we are all addicted.   To accomplish this they vote for spending, ANYBODY’S spending.   They try to “hate the rich” when its clear they use the rich and their products as much as anybody.

Yesterday I spoke to a guy that hated what he called one of the 1% — Bill Gates.   Really, this guy is sitting on a windows computer chatting with me and trying to tell me that “his money” doesnt go to Bill Gates.  Really?  He really really really was confident that when he buys a computer with Microsoft Windows, none of his money goes to Microsoft.   Now I have to guess its very possible I bought him the computer through some federal grant.  Who knows maybe he traded his food stamps or free cell phone for a computer.  So maybe he’s right.  But he clearly is “stuck on federal-crack”

Saddest part is… Who are the dealers.  The answer there is clear, its liberals… and no I didn’t say Democrats; I said Liberals. Many Republicans (RINOS) are liberal as well… Example, George Bush was fairly liberal.  He was pretty much for illegal immigration, he was pretty much for “let Congress do what they want” because “the people” elected them.  For this and for the debt caused because he didn’t limit government growth in times of war, I can both understand and believe he didnt do enough.

Obama has overspent many times over what Bush spent.   When you point this out to a liberal they always go back and point to the spending of Bush.  Some even go so far as to try to blame most of Obama’s debt on Bush (for example the first TARP)   I usually agree with them and promise to never vote for Bush again if they promise to never vote for Obama again.  That’s about when they usually disappear.

So I have decided we need to NAME this attribute of liberalism.   Like a crack head.. We need to call them #fedhead .   Use that hashtag on twitter and I’ll watch it and retweet some of the best examples.

We are the cure for #fedhead and we are coming to save them in Nov 2012


30 Dec 11 France makes it harder to become French – FRANCE – FRANCE 24

France makes it harder to become French – FRANCE – FRANCE 24.

Liberals love the French and the LOVE the EU.  Maybe they will accept these principles for citizenship in the USA?


30 Dec 11 Liberalism explained

What’s the difference between democrats and socialist?

Socialist believe “From each according to their ability”

25 Dec 11 Definition of Insanity

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over expecting different results

This also defines liberals to a T.

Fact. HMO PPO and just about every medical plan for the past 30 years has been defined by politicians. Why would we expect a different result with Hillary care or Obama care?

Banking and Wallstreet have been also defined and ‘regulated’ by DC for 90 years. Insanity

I watch the occupy people protest Wallstreet but then look to DC for the solution. Insane.

23 Dec 11 Copy?

My wife and I were at a military Airshow and we over heard a mom talking to her 4 year old child about normal things moms have to tell 4 year olds.

After speaking, the mom was not sure what she said was heard. What happened next made me laugh.

Normally a mom would say “did you hear me?” but not this mom, clearly military.

Mom said “copy?” to which the 4 year old replied “roger that!”

It’s a different “Sounds of freedom” but just as wonderful to hear.

22 Dec 11 Mayans start countdown

People see worlds events too close up. If for example you think the Iraq war started when Bush went to Bagdad, then you are too close. It started when Saddam went into Kuwait (or earlier)

Today’s example…

Here is story about Mayan people starting count down clock to end of world in 365 days

Step back and you would see that the countdown has been going on by myians for thousands of years

PS. Of course it’s all wrong anyway. If archeologist checked your home as it is now they would find you think the world ends on the last day of what ever your last calendar said too

11 Dec 11 The GOP Debates

I sure hope Obama thinks that he got practice debating against folks like McCain. In terms of debate, pretty much any of these candidate will beat Obama and his teleprompter to bits. I’m so glad this year the candidates are thinking “How can I be like Ron Paul” vs 2008 when it was “How can I be like Hillary”.

Sadly the fight is no longer between the entitled and the indentured, but between those that see it it impossible to keep going at this level and those that have been entitled for so long that they think it will go on forever

The real message the entitled need to hear is “Obama will break the back of the system that feeds you”