A rare breed, a true Native Floridian, whose family has lived out in more rural parts of the state for many generations and continues to do so. Known to be very self-sufficient by growing or hunting their own food and building their own homes. Not at all like what most people nowadays picture as a Floridian. A Florida Cracker is a true Southerner.

27 Sep 11 Single Question for Voter to Vote

King for a Day #7 — to vote you need to answer one simple question “what is percent?” — it seems that liberals think “amount” is percent.

When Obama says “if asking a millionaire to pay the same rate as a plumber is fair, then…” — I get the impression they don’t understand that “same rate” is fair — this is because they had so much problem in math with that “%” sign stuff. I truely believe they are thinking “total”

No doubt liberals would say this prevents their voters from voting.. and I think that’s the point.