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08 Jun 11 Bloggers not as “citizeny” as reporters

In this great country


TRENTON, N.J. – The New Jersey Supreme Court says people posting in online message boards don’t have the same protections for sources as mainstream journalists.

* but some are more “equal” than others

06 Jun 11 Computers or medical

Imagine if the federal gov took interest in 30years of controlling computers instead of medicine.

Computers would be the size of a fridge, 100 people would take turns usi g it and it would cost tens of thousands

Of course heart surgery would cost $200.

06 Jun 11 The Fair Tax meets the Constitution

An idea like the fair tax is a good idea.. no specifics about it argued here.

The biggest hurdle in a converstion from IRS/personal income tax and a fair tax is 16th amendment

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.
So we need to change the Constitution to move to a fair tax it seems.

Hummmm maybe not.. Here’s an interum suggestion. The text says nothing about WHO should collect this money and who should send it, only that Congress has the power to lay and collect.

I would suggest the tax law could be changed so that States collected income tax and send it to the states it to the FED.

This has many advantages.

1. it can follow the Constitution

2. a state can do the colleciton (like it does Interstates) and send the money to the FED

3. Here’s the secret power. What state will send $1 and not demand making sure a $1 comes back — what state will allow a law that says one state gets an advantage over another

06 Jun 11 PAPER: Activist calls for forcibly tattooing ‘climate change’ deniers…

Interesting.. in the article linked below- this assuie warmer wants to tattoo the foreheads of “deniers”.

What’s funny is his tattoo would say “Global Warming” but now since that hoax has been exposed, he wants to be know for “global climate change”

Google his name “Richard Glover” and “global warming” (use the ” ” to make sure you get the right search) You will find 10,000 links

Global Climate Change — the new mantra of the envo-fascists and government grants.

If he were old enough.. his forehead would say.

but be crossed out in the 70s
but be crossed out after climategate scandal
Now it says

and once people say “Um YEAH we know the climate changes globally — we call is “Seasons” perhaps he will cross that out to and tattoo himself with


Fear it.. Its coming within 12 hours!!!
Taxes to follow


(notice my tattoo this warmer dude.. See how his 70’s version “ice age”  is starting to fade but not quite as bad as his 90s version “global warming”)

Next will be “Global Illumination Change” — its coming in less than 12 hours!!! Horror, Fear.. Research.. Taxes…