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23 Jan 11 Are democRATS stupid?

I’ve though long and hard if GOP should allow democrats to “sit anywhere” during the State of the UNunion speech.

I think mixed seating is a bad idea.. for democRATS.

What will happen is despite where the cameras pan, there will be 1/3 or less people clapping at most of the garbage you will hear Obama say.

I suspect the (unbiased NBC/CBS/ABC) Camera men will have to do a LOT more single candidate zooms in this case.

They will not be able to zoom on MANY clapping like they could if all the democRATS were sitting together.

That being said, I suggest all republicans get a nice

“I’m with stupid —->>>>” T-shirts

Or perhaps whisper in the ear of a democRAT at perfectly inappropriate times so that their response seems to be from the whisper and not the garbage on the TOTUS.

Just some fun thoughts.

23 Jan 11 States dont certify the POTUS

I’m not an expert, but I have read the laws regarding how a state puts a name on the ballot for POTUS.

First, please excuse any inaccuracies here but this is basically how it works.

A party goes through a set of steps that allows them to have a candidate on the ballot.  [I think this is basically a large enough petition with signatures to allow a candidate to be listed.]

Once that is done, they select their candidate and request that the name be on the list.  At the same time they secure electoral college members should they win the state.

As nearly a convenience, they list a name on the ballot.  The person listed ONLY has the right to request his name NOT be listed.  He/She need do NOTHING to prove who they are or any other requirement.

Likewise, the party has no requirement to prove anything as well.

What we all know about the electoral college is correct, but what we don’t realize is how much it is selecting a particular party vs a particular candidate.

Its entirely legal for the electoral college to list “micky mouse” on the ballot and yet all vote for “donald duck” once the party is selected.

So, the Secretary of State has no requirement OR ABILITY to request proof of citizenship.

[Oddly, I believe only Hawaii has a requirement for any form of certification, but I honestly don’t know if that story is true or not.  Research it yourself]

So.. there is nothing the state of Florida can do without first changing existing law.