A rare breed, a true Native Floridian, whose family has lived out in more rural parts of the state for many generations and continues to do so. Known to be very self-sufficient by growing or hunting their own food and building their own homes. Not at all like what most people nowadays picture as a Floridian. A Florida Cracker is a true Southerner.

18 Apr 09 Teaparty — what’s next; what happened at the first one

Hint:  What does TWITTER and the BOSTON HARBOR have in common?

Answer:  The next step in all these wonderful teaparties.

As most realize the original tea party was a bunch of patriots dressed in Indian costumes who dumped a bunch of the Kings tea into the Boston Harbor.  But what happened next (and before) was the Colonials tried to stop buying the Kings Tea…they boycotted the tea, they boycotted the tax

That’s what needs to happen next with these tea parties!

Now.. Boston Harbor and Twitter…Here is my suggestion.. When you read a bias story by our PRESS.. also remember an advertiser that supported this bias.  For example.. .When some talking heads implies that all the tea party partiots are "teabaggers" — Remember what the NEXT or PREVIOUS commercial was….

Include in the tweet #bc: product (where product is the name of the product)

You will not believe what small percentage of tweets can effect how VENDORS SPEND YOUR MONEY FOR ADVERTISING

Of course remember these products and pass them buy (pun intended) — you only have to do this once… We dont want to harm any particular product.  Once will be enough

Give it a try SPREAD THE WORD… PLEASE– your country NEEDS your VOICE.   Twitter is our Boston Harbor!

15 Apr 09 Gov living on a budget

We always talk about the Government living on a budget “like every American family

I ask why do we give them even that much credit?

A budget implies some control or even an understanding that money IN must match money out. Most governments (local, state and federal) just do not GET IT…..

I know many people that live “pay check to pay check”. Those people are MUCH more responsible than our governments

They don’t skend more that they get and don’t PRINT Money when they are short.

15 Apr 09 The Great State of…

We used to add the words “the great state of” before we mentioned our state.

The great state of Florida, The great state of Georgia.

But in the attempt to shorten our speech we have stop saying this. I don’t mean every time you say Florida, just sometimes.

I think this is part of us forgetting we are the United STATES of America not just America.

I suggest you try to say “The great state of” about your state every once and a while. ( especially for children and libs!!)

It may seem a small thing but it’s power is great!

10 Apr 09 “LOCKDOWN” Does it Violate Your Rights?

Every time there is as shooting at a college they have a “lockdown”. This seems like training for when there is civil unrest against your government.

Will “they” call a “lockdow” when we gave the next step to April 15th teaparty?

Seems like I remember something in that “Bill of Rights” thing about peaceful assembly.

Someone needs to sue to stop them now!

10 Apr 09 Because the fed post office says!!!

Why do I have to abriviate Florida as “FL” instead of “Fla” and Pennsylvania as “PA” instead of Penna?

Fla and Penna are the correct ways. Just chech any old dictionary. (before political correctness snuck into them)

And… I did a search for “Jacksonville Fla” only to be asked by Google “did you mean Jacksonville FL”

Ummm. Yes.

Because the federal post office says?? I know it is part of a post office mail “standardization” thing, but it ticks me off that the fed changes my state and my language.

08 Apr 09 Pride of Virginia

While fishing on a party boat. I noticed the box of chum that they used said “The Pride of Virginia”. I thought it was funny that chum was the pride of Virginia so I sent my wife to see it.

She came back and said. “So the chum is from china?”

Huh??!? I had to go back and look. Yes, friends, China can ship CHUM here cheaper that we can make it in Virginia

04 Apr 09 Youth and the Internet

Funny before a long trip we stop our mail.

I ask my bright 17 year old daughter to do it as we were packing.

She said “how?” thinking she would have to drive to the post office. She needed instructions.

But when I said “www” she stopped me and said ok. Funny how things have changed. She can go online and do anything, but need insructions to do it “the old way”.

Now I am glad I invented it!

01 Apr 09 Stop funding Congress, as POTUS

When I am elected POTUS, my first act will be to stop and/or delay funding Congress.   As POTUS, and head of the executive branch, it would be my duty to NOT SPEND money we dont have.  Its the job of the EXECUTIVE branch to run the Government.  If we dont have the money, we’re going to have to STOP paying people, just like EVERY family in America.

"No money, no dinner and a movie "

I’ll start by dropping congress’s pay and benifits.  All that MONEY is on BORROWED or PRINTED money.

Lets STOP it.

Yes, I’ll have to fight it in court.. that’s the 3rd branch of Governement.. and if I lose, I’ll figure SOMETHING else out.. like printing SPECIAL cash to PAY congress.  Maybe it will be made of RUBBER… (Will you take a CONGRESSIONAL dollar for your goods and services?)

You see it works this way.. Congress and the POTUS agree on a "budget" and the law says that’s where the money goes… but it doesnt say when or how…

VOTE FOR ME IN 2012!  As POTUS I promise to READ the bills congress signs and figure out how to STOP the Federal Governements abuse of the People of the States.