A rare breed, a true Native Floridian, whose family has lived out in more rural parts of the state for many generations and continues to do so. Known to be very self-sufficient by growing or hunting their own food and building their own homes. Not at all like what most people nowadays picture as a Floridian. A Florida Cracker is a true Southerner.

12 Jan 09 Our funny world order

I read this article on a web page about how Russia is cutting off gas to the EU and its starting a new Cold War…  but then I looked more at the page.

It had an ad for “Russian Brides for the EU”

That’s pretty funny…

12 Jan 09 80% of statistics are 1/2 right, but only some of the time

You have heard it before:

“America, which represents 5% of the population of the earth uses 25% of its resources.”

Or something like that… Ask yourself.. What is the purpose of that statement?  Now ask yourself, what does it really mean? [hint: the purpose is to make you feel bad, to control you and what you do, to take your FREEDOM]

If we used 25% of the resources since 2004, wouldn’t we have run out?  No, I;m not stupid, but I’m sure many people think that 25% is 1/4 of ALL resource vs resources used during a year.

I guess the real statistic is that Americans might use 3 or 4 times the resources than others on average.  Is that bad?  We probably produce more than 4x the food and I know we provide 100x the medical advances.  I’d bet we provide 200x the world charity.

And do these people that say that want us back to caves, or do they wish those in caves prosperity?

Next time some idiot says that statement to you.. ask them what the mean, and what it means… A few questions about what they are saying will be a lot of fun.. trust me.

Does it include coal?  Probably not.. China is starting up a new dirty coal fired electrical plan every week?  Nuke fuel? No France has 70% of the nuke problem (really they get 70% of their power from nukes– but can’t WE play with fake statistics too?)

12 Jan 09 Principles are principles, abandon 1 abandon all

'I chucked aside my free-market principles'... That's what GW Bush said in his last news conference today.

President Bush did a lot of things right, and he did a lot of things as I expected– like a MODERATE not a conservative.  We all forgot with Bush V Gore and Bush V Lerch that President Bush wasn’t a conservative against a liberal, but MODERATE against a liberal… We lost 2 times in 2000 and 2004 and we lost in 2008…

He did protect this country, but I’m really afraid he did that by creating the tools the socialists need to "take it over" — you can’t protect freedom by taking it away.

As its all over, there are some things I’m not suprised by – for example his poor work towards protecting our borders.   Oh he did good in Iraq and other hot spots but he allowed our economy to be destroyed by the Democrats …  and the press.

Then he saids that he "chucked his free-market principles" — sorry Mr President.. You chucked at LOT more principles than that…

Thinking that goBerment is "the answer" is wrong ALWAYS… Our founding fathers were pretty smart.. The FED is for miltary, the states are for commerce, we’ve fortten that.


07 Jan 09 Watching Liberals

I enjoy watching liberals.. they always provide me humor..

One family that I’ve always “observed” lives near me. They are great people really.. the mom often volunteers the dad is more involved than many. There kids aren’t gang members…

They probably have a compose heap in their back yard (way in the back near their neighbors no doubt) and I know they have an Obama sticker on their car and its there because of his “polices” vs why most people voted for him (aka “hate bush”) But here’s the funny story…

The dad was in the hardware store the other day… He was looking to change ALL his incandescent lights (aka Edison light bulbs) to LED or those squirrelly toxic gas ones… Not just the ones burned out.. ALL of them in his house.. LED was too expensive so he got the toxic waste ones.

It made me start thinking..

First I thought– by removing working blubs he’s throwing away GOOD items that might last for many years and not pollute a landfill
Then he’s buying new items which have hazardous chemicals to fill the land fills later on and dont save that much power really (they take a LOT of power to create, something no one ever considers)

BUT then I started to remember other facts… The dad’s job is 4 hours away.. He drives 8 to 10 hours a week to get to and from work. He has two “wasteful” living spaces… He’s burning our dead dinosaurs and destroying the ozone layer; he’s driving enough to kill at least one polar bear.

Those light bulb replacements will never equal the carbon footprint he’s creating by working so far away, but he feels good about saving the planet. Its just not fair that liberals can do so little and even do harm to the enviornment but feel good about it somehow.. Sometimes I wish I didnt study so hard in school that I can see the hypocrisy.

06 Jan 09 No Taxation without Representation Version 2.0

During the first Revolution… the cry was "No Taxation without Representation" — of course the cry about Americans being taxed by the King of England and had no say in the government.

Given that 1/2 of today’s America don’t pay any tax and that MANY of them get a REFUND from the IRS every year and not that we’re going to BORROW money to increase the size of government, bail out every poorly run company and every poorly run STATE  and get a "tax break"…
I wonder if the next cry will be "No Representation without Taxation " ?

04 Jan 09 First Monday of 2009

Its Sunday the day before the first work day of 2009…. I was watching the movie “Office Space” for the 100th time.   It got to the point where he get hypnotized to be calm and carefree…    I tried really hard to listen to the hypnotist and relax and everything.   I hope it works.

03 Jan 09 Enter

Why does a store need two words for “enter”? I mean come on… If someone speaks so little English that they need to know entrada too how can they function?. How about words like STOP for a stop sign. How about the pesticides inside this store?