A rare breed, a true Native Floridian, whose family has lived out in more rural parts of the state for many generations and continues to do so. Known to be very self-sufficient by growing or hunting their own food and building their own homes. Not at all like what most people nowadays picture as a Floridian. A Florida Cracker is a true Southerner.

21 Dec 08 Freedom of Religion

Its amazing what had happened to the concept of "Freedom of Religion".   First it was the federal goBerment that was supposted to keep its hands out of Religion.  The states were all afraid the federl goBerment would prevent their own states religion.  But lets just assume the freedom means what it means for states too.

Next we’re talking about removing religion from state.  Nope, not the intent the intent was that the states would not be allowed to write law to prevent religion.

Now I see that compaines are being sued by because they are fired because of their religion.   So… that means some one in congress (state or federal) had to pass a law saying that a private citizen can’t do something because of religion.

That’s bass ackwards…

19 Dec 08 Personal responsibility

It is funny to me, but have you noticed that people believe there is LESS responsibility in big issues like a mortage or other major debt but treat an eBay bid like you promised your right arm?

17 Dec 08 Its EDUCATION, stupid!

A soon to be forgotten politician once said "Its the economy, Stupid"  when he was running against another politician that will also soon be forgotten.

He was wrong, but he did cause his party to get control of Congress (yeah it was Republican’s fault too) and they proceeded to destroy our economy.

What is "it" really?   Its Education, Stupid… We’ve let our children be dis-educated in so many places..

  • The Constitution — just what a right is and who gave it to us is LOST to most of our young
  • The Job of GoBerment — Its to provide me all the best stuff for free!
  • Life — that its important and should be cherished not flushed
  • Happiness — that it comes from a credit card (not even MONEY, just a credit card)
  • Work — is what makes you get ahead.. Not offering "Change"
  • Responsibility — you don’t HAVE any … be FREE what ever you do, you don’t have to pay for it
  • National Pride — China has it, Russia has it, India has it, the new EU has it — geeze even FRANCE has it
  • Revisionist Judges.. now Revisionist CONGRESS… We don’t to CHANGE the law just change the definition of the WORDS in it.

There’s more.. name yours in the comments section!

17 Dec 08 New yorkers moving here

Why do people leave NY or Mass because of taxes then vote for more taxes here in Florida.

Did they just forget??

16 Dec 08 Silent Majority

"I’m part of the Silent Majority" a friend once told me.  I wonder… What exactly is that?  Who has more power the Silent Majority or the single Loud person?

Seems like the Silent Majority is really LESS than one loud person in total….

16 Dec 08 Who is “they”

Do you ever realize how often you say "they "?

As in:
They aught to do something.

They aught to pass a law.

They took my rights away.

They, they they. .  Most people use the word and never think about who "they" is.

Usually "they " are people that we elected.  They are people that are in office to do things to us that we don’t really want.

All I ask is that you listen to yourself… When you say "they" think about what you just said and who "they" really are….

Are "they" the people that you expect to take care of others via welfare (with your money)

Are "they" the people that give cell phones to poor people (with your money)

Are "they" the IRS who you fear but who now send more money to people that dont pay ANY taxes?

Are "they" who you expect to provide charity, so now you dont anymore?

Do "they" have more rights than you do?

Just listen to yourself and think about it when you say "they" — You will be surpised when you realize how many times "they" are people you elected.

16 Dec 08 Why change the law when you can just change the definition of the words in it?

How are they changing the law? Not by changing the law but just using what works for PC people — change the definition of the WORDS in the LAW
Even PC words are allowed to "evolve".   We let "global warming" become "global climate change" in the winter!

Retirement : used to mean you QUIT working… now it means you get money AND keep your job. (We have a local politician who has been in the job long enough to draw retirement pay, but also got re elected.. so we’re paying him to stay in his job AND draw retirement. (Sweet!)
Natural born citizen : you can’t prove I’m not.  Its in the Constitution, but we’re not going to follow that.  Who does, and how is the Constitution to be judged?  Who is the "executive branch" that makes sure the "executive branch" follows the law?  It doesn’t appear to be any of the 3 branches of our government?  The entire REST of the world knows Obama wasn’t born here, why are we clueless?
Marriage : any group of 10 people that want to claim a tax status (instead of it being a religious  thing– where the sep of church and state there?)
Freedom of speech : but only in "free speech zones".  Funny too how these "zones" exist at POLITICAL CONVENTIONS? — That should give you a big hint who is out to "take care of you".
Right to bear Arms: but not the Ammo…   Shoot….
Murder :  It wasn’t born yet, it can’t be murder!  Its the womans right to choose, except when the woman is a baby.

14 Dec 08 Hey, GOP– Lets not let Iowa pick first!

Hey, GOP…. I hope you have figured it out.. Florida tried to tell you, but you just haven’t listened.

One small state like Iowa or NH should not be "first" in picking the next GOP nominee.

How about we have a super-duper-duper Tuesday in 2012 — if we live anyway…

10 Dec 08 Will Whales Survive?

When my son was in about 4th grade, he had to do a "science project" for school.  The purpose was to teach the scientific method.  The school was a great school and has produced many who I’d guess will be our next conserative base.  [ This is because my son is just about out of college and these kids are about to get, or have gotten, their first big first post graduate pay check and are seeing how much they are paying in taxes. ]

In the scientific method you learn to make a hypotysis, do research,  write expreimental procedures, GATHER DATA,  analyize the data and draw/write a conclusion.

His experiment was using the game "Sim City" where he did research on using simulators to evaluate the results.  Sim City really is a pretty good simulator.

It was a good project as it did have a procedure and data collection and it was in the area he had interest. That being video games.  I was happy with his work, and with what he learned.

His project won 2nd place and I was proud of him, but what was sad was that 1st place was titled "Will Whales Survive?".    I looked and looked but couldn’t find any procedures.  Did she search the 7 seas for whales? no.  No data, did she count whales? No.  But she got first place?

I was PO’ed, but let it go.

Until now…. Today– I realized that my son is about to graduate from a great engineering school and be "ok" — but it wasn’t til I connected the fact that the little girl that wrote "Will Whales Survive?" learned about how to be a con artist and a scientist that I really finally got steamed!

She might now be a GLOBAL CLIMATOLOGIST!!  The "science" that she learned is exactly like what GLOBAL CLIMATOLOGISTS  use.. and oddly enough.. most are also playing with the features of some version of SIM CITY too… making their results match their goals… their FUNDING goals of course.

Its good to remember and repeat to all these global warming freaks:

Only the "science" of global warming is done by the VOTE of scientists instead of the collection and rational analysis of data.

10 Dec 08 Your next Ford will be a Pelosi

With this bail out.. you know the new models will be named after the politicians that gave them so much money..

Be ready to drive the new Ford Pelosi .  Your other choice will be the Chrysler "Frank", and you will not want that because of the continuous risk of being rear-ended